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Services Water Treatment

Operation & Maintenance

We do operation & maintenance of water /waste water treatment plants for all type of manufacturing units on behalf of Thermax. It engages qualified engineers/technicians. Operating personnel employed by PROSOL have good exposure and knowledge in operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of water and waste water treatment plants. PROSOL gives excellent technical support from Thermax as well by their dedicated technical services team.

Retrofit & Upgradation

Thermax offers engineered solutions to upgrade your water and waste treatment plants by utilising existing as well as new units in order to meet your current requirements through PROSOL. Our proposed improvement solutions give you the benefit of an efficient working system with enhanced results.

Plant Audits & Evaluation

Thermax’s will do water audit through PROSOL identifies water needs and wastewater sources throughout an entire facility, and describes each of the identified streams by flow rate, type, concentrations, and variability of the substances and compounds. Water plant audits can help facilities develop appropriate programmes to meet their water intake-reduction and water reuse goals.

After determining the facility’s water reduction and wastewater recycle and reuse goals, the various sources of wastewater can then be matched with the facility’s water needs. An economic model for wastewater recycles and reuse can then be created.


Productivity and focus on core production, is your priority. Thermax understands how smooth functioning of the water and waste treatment systems is critical to your processes, and how any problem in these utilities can impact operations. To ensure optimal plant performance, genuine care is taken to ensure that only original spares are used at all times. Thermax offers Thermax genuine spares for an assured lifetime and reliable operations through PROSOL.