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Shell Lubrication Services

One of the main causes of premature equipment failure is lubricant contamination. In fact, up to 40% of maintenance costs are lubricant related, making proper lubrication management vital for profitability. However, lubrication management is not costly because of oil prices alone. The downtime associated with replacing oil – and disposing of it – is also expensive. Consequently, maintaining a financially and environmentally sound lubrication management becomes a real challenge.

But what if you could use the same oil again and again?

Lube reclaim – Reclamation & reconditioning of your used oil.

When the same oil is reused, the need for new oil decreases – reducing both costs and environmental impact. But this of course requires purifying the used oil back into functional form. Different solutions for removing contaminants from industrial oil have been around for quite some time. But removing particles smaller or with the same density as the oil itself, has been nearly impossible. Over time, these particles accumulate, acting as catalysts for oxidation and deteriorating the quality and function of the oil. Additionally, conventional technologies risk stripping the oil of its essential additives, and eventually the oil reaches a point where it can no longer be used.

Shell Lubricant Services offers performance-based contracts, thru Lube Optimiser. In these tailored contracts, we deliver high-performance by integrating our technology and the product performance as a package or stand-alone technology as a service. We bring extensive experience in Lubrication and equipment performance resulting in proper assessment and need based solution to meet your requirement.

Lube Optimiser - Oil Analysis Program.

Lubricants are similar to human blood in every machinery. Much like doctors assess our health though blood analysis, critical plant equipment must be monitored in the same manner. Chronic lubricant or equipment symptoms show up as indicators in oil analysis samples and, if left uncorrected, can lead to equipment degradation and lost productivity. Therefore, the goal of a proactive oil analysis program is to trend gradual changes in fluid properties, contaminants and wear debris so that corrective action can be initiated in a controlled and planned manner

Oil Analysis Benefits Include:

  • • Optimum Equipment Life
  • • Extended Oil Life
  • • Reduced Downtime
  • • Improved System Efficiency
  • • Improved Safety
  • • Environmental Awareness

Lube Analyst - Oil Analysis Assists Maintenance Personnel in Two Primary Ways:

1. It determines the physical condition and contamination of the oil.

Lubricant serviceability can be impacted by either reaching the lubricant’s life span OR contamination levels have reached a point requiring a drain and refill, unless purification is an option. When talking about contaminants, the objective is to detect the presence of foreign components and to ask “What are they? Where did they come from (built-in, generated, ingressed, introduced)? How can I prevent further entry or generation?” Contaminants act as a catalyst for wear. This generated wear debris further acts as a catalyst for additional component wear. If the cycle is not broken, wear accelerates and downgraded serviceability results.

2. Monitoring wear metals for abnormal machinery distress conditions.

Wear debris analysis relates specifically to the health of your equipment. As you know, the main function of a lubricant is to separate two surfaces, in relative motion to each other, from making contact. However, its is generally impractical to maintain a lubricant film that will keep those same surfaces totally separated from each other. Thus, metal-to-metal contact can occur, even in today’s high-tech equipment. In addition, keep in mind that boundary lubrication will always be present during start-up. At that critical point in the machine’s operation, some normal and/or abnormal wear metals will be generated, with the amount depending on equipment design and whether or not it has proper lubrication

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Shell Lubricant Management Program

Why Lubrication Management Program

An End to End lubricant Management program, which lets you focus on your core business while reducing cost and optimizing operations.

  • Awesome ImageComprehensive lubricant supply and inventory management
  • Awesome ImagePer unit production costing model and cost optimisation
  • Awesome ImageDedicated on-site expert team support for smooth operations
  • Awesome ImageExpensive equipment monitoring, reducing equipment failures
  • Awesome ImageRisk assessment audits and value improvement projects

The end-to-end support you need for more control, savings and fewer worries.


Online & In-Person Support

Welcome to our complete toolkit of services that will help you to monitor your equipment to prevent downtime and solve problems. Our services put you in control: make informed decisions with easy-to-use digital tools and cutting-edge oil analysis, gain knowledge through our training programmes and get access to expert advice. Need immediate support? No problem..

Together anything is possible

  • Less downtime, more go time
  • Resolve issues early, stay in control
  • Access industry-leading expertise

Shell Lube Optimiser Services

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On Site Sample testing –

  • • Viscosity @ 40 ° C
  • • Viscosity @ 100 ° C
  • • TAN Number
  • • Water Content in PPM


NAS / ISO Particle count (Off line Analysis)

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