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Supply of spare parts:

Today the brand image or market demand rides not only the quality of the product but on the quality-of-service support too. Service support is critical in industries like Process, Auto, service, etc. We offer Genuine spare parts for service-related queries.

Conversion of Gland packing in to Mechanical seal type

Wear and leakage are common maintenance problems that result in pump discharge pressure dropping below optimum levels and reduced pump efficiency. Converting pumps to mechanical seals eliminates fretting or grooving of the shaft and provides for easier pump maintenance. By converting to mechanical seals, a plant also avoids incurring expenses associated with the replacement of sleeves and shafts, provides annual maintenance contracts for pumps and the associated control panels of the systems.

Improve the pump efficiency

Pump performance will decrease after prolonged, heavy duty or aggressive service as a result of erosion, corrosion, chemical attack, wear and cavitation. damaged pumps can be restored to their original profile by using metal repair composites. Our epoxy coatings for erosion-corrosion protection reduce further deterioration, increasing pump efficiency and reducing frequent maintenance costs.

Our services are:

  • Rebuild the pump casing and impeller without the need of specialist tools
  • Restore wear ring clearances
  • Provide long-term corrosion and erosion protection
  • Avoid the need for hot work
  • Cure at ambient temperature
  • Provide excellent adhesion to metal substrates including stainless steel, duplex steels, carbon steel, aluminium, cast iron and bronze as well as specialist alloys
  • Protect against pump cavitation

Electric Motor Stator Rewinding

Loss of power or efficiency in a induction can have a devastating impact on the efficiency of pumps. Stators are a key component within rotating equipment and should be regularly maintained to avoid unexpected breakdown and underperformance. At ProSol, we can offer a full motor rewind and refurbishments service, including the rewinding and repair of motor stators and associated equipment. If your motor stator is in need of repair or rewind, call us today on 7550091946 for a prompt response.

Our stator rewind service includes:

  • Inspection and diagnosis of any faults in the stator.
  • Faulty wiring removed.
  • Cleaning of stator to ensure it is free of contaminants.
  • Replacing insulation paper lining.
  • Replacing existing coils with new ones.
  • Rewinding using to exact specification using high grade enameled copper wire.
  • Varnishing of stator and rotors.
  • Motor tested to ensure performance to expected standard.

AMC For Pump

Prosol offering Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for all kind of pumps, in which you can avail maintenance for your Pumps when you pay small amount of advance to us. You will get visits for your pumps as per AMC. Users whose warranty period has been expired can go for this useful scheme. AMC also helps to connect with product and application experts in case of any issues related application and development. Annual Maintenance Contract will help you to save time and money.

Why AMC?

  • "Prevention is better than Cure"
  • Assured Services
  • Convenience
  • Fabulous Upgradation Offers
  • Genuine Spare Parts
  • Maintenance Bonus
  • You will be saved from unexpected high repair cost
  • Ensures proper and safe functioning of equipment operation
  • Ensures safe operation of your equipment
  • Increases efficiency and reduces cost
  • Maximizes equipment life expectancy
  • Prevents and reduces risk of inconvenient and costly breakdowns
  • Guaranteed priority service at your convenience