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Atlas Copco Service​

Longer life expectancy – Regularly servicing your equipment using genuine spare parts ensures that your installation will last longer. We guarantee that each new component performs equally well as the part it replaces.

Superior quality –Our genuine parts are manufactured to the same exacting standards as your installed compressor. They have passed the same endurance tests and proven to be the best protection for your investment.

Reliability and productivity – Using genuine parts substantially lowers the risk of a production breakdown, which would not only be very costly, but could also endanger your product quality, deadlines and profit margins. In short, genuine parts offer optimal performance of your compressed air installation.

Why Atlas Copco’s Digital Service Will Make Life Easier For Customers?

Reports such as field visit schedule, actual travel time and actual working time are captured in real time within minutes. Traditionally, handwritten service reports were the norm. Now, with Atlas Copco PowerHub and PowerCare:

  • Dealers will use a mobile app with digital service reports
  • Customer service tickets will be closed in record time

In this journey from manual service reporting to mobile apps, Atlas Copco aims to improve the customer experience thereby increasing customer satisfaction in the post-product purchase phase.

Genuine Atlas Copco Compressor Parts

Genuine parts are the only ones that are really designed for your compressor or vacuum pump. By keeping your system integrity intact, they ensure the performance level you expect from your equipment.

  • Compressor filters and separators
  • Compressor line Filters
  • Compressor oils, lubricants and fluids
  • Service Kits
  • Compressor upgrades
  • AIR net: reliable pipework for any project

Maximize Resources with a Service Plan

Compressed air or vacuum may be vital to your production process. Selecting the right service level will keep your production running efficiently while keeping operational costs under control.

  • Preventive Maintenance Plan for optimal compressor uptime
  • Complete compressor care with our Total Responsibility Plan
  • Compressor parts at your doorstep: our Parts Plan
  • Fixed Price Services: best compressor parts & maintenance
  • Airplane: all-inclusive contract for compressed air delivery

Maximize your Efficiency

Energy consumption accounts for up to 70% of the lifecycle cost of a compressed air installation. Discover how you can maximize your compressor room efficiency.

  • Monitor your compressed air installation with SMARTLINK
  • Audit your compressed air installation with AIR Scan
  • Lower your Energy consumption with Energy Recovery
  • Optimize your air flow with central controllers

Compressor Filters and Separators


Compressor Line Filters


Compressor Service Kits with Spare Parts


Maximize Resources with a Service Plan


Atlas Copco Lubricants