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Repair Service

You have purchased a high quality tool from Bosch, backed up with great service. Should your tool need a service or repair we will help you quickly and reliably.

What is the most important thing about service?

That you and your customers are completely satisfied.

Bosch not only sets standards in the development of new power tools for trade and industry, but also in the organisation of services for all aspects of the power tool. This service ranges from an extensive offer of training courses through to optimum service in the event of a repair..

Regular Training

Regular hands-on training is imparted to large power tool users and service center technicians by our central service personnel. The training includes both preventive maintenance and breakdown maintenance.

Spare Part Delivery

Spare parts are stored at places close to the customers. The desired spare parts are delivered within the shortest possible time

Quick Repairs

Our service center is geared to repair the tool in the shortest possible time. Nearly 90% of the repairs are completed within 48 hours.

Genuine Spare Parts

We guarantee our authorized service center uses only genuine Bosch spare parts. This will ensure 100% performance of the tool even after repair..

Mobile Service

Some of our service centers have been equipped with mobile service vehicles to give on-site repairs. This means your tool breakdown time is lessened to the extent of the tool travel time to service center and back.

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